Photo of the author of the website, Daniel Marcinkowski

I’m Daniel Marcinkowski — Digital Marketing Specialist and Digital Designer based in Berlin, Germany. I’m originally from Warsaw, Poland (hence the Cześć).

I’m a tech enthusiast, who chose work and self-improvement upon higher education. After hours I’m a blogger and podcaster. I love drip coffee, craft beer, and alternative music, especially alt-J.

Currently, I work as a Marketing Manager for Ready Player Me.

My work

Writing & Editing

I started writing professionally when I was just 16, as a tech journalist for a Polish website I’m also writing for my own blog since 2015. I also wrote and edited many articles for the companies I worked for full-time: Daftcode, Phase, and ACELR8.


I started my first podcast, Shufflecast, in 2015, together with two co-hosts. Later on, I was a host in AltTab and Skonfigurowani. I also hosted a podcast at Phase and produced a show called A-Players at ACELR8. Currently, I’m a co-host of Dobre Rzeczy.

I talked about podcasting in Poland during PolCaster 2015 event and in an interview with Polish Radio.


On many of my past projects, including my work at Phase and ACELR8, I was responsible for designing visual content for social media and my articles. I also led a rebranding of ACELR8 and designed the company’s blog. You can find examples of my design work on Dribbble.


I’m an amateur photographer taking photos of landscapes, architecture, and products. I have also photographed multiple Talking Talent events organized by ACELR8. You can find examples of my photos on Instagram and Unsplash.


I’m taking my first steps in videography with my brand-new YouTube channel. I have some past experience with making YouTube videos for my channel Applikacje, but videography is an area that I’m exploring more now. I have also been creating some video content for ACELR8’s LinkedIn and Instagram.